User Task to specify approval count i.e. at least 2 approvals from the list of users

Is there a way to specify number of approvals from a list of user within the user task ?
Is there also a way to process ahead in the user task using an API exposed to move the task ?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Might be these are already available but I am new to camunda

Could you please elaborate this a little bit more

In a User Task, you can specifiy the candidate users or Candidate groups i.e. what users can be used to approval or progressing on a user task

I would want to know if there is a functionality to specify that the workflow step can progress if at least 2 users from the group have approved the step ?

Instead of one task for approval , you can have two user tasks (one after the other) with same candidate groups.

Yes but how would it ascertain the approval has come from two distinct users ?

I think @prasadps suggestion would work - you could simply store the id of the use who did the first task and then use a listener on the second task that only lets the task be assigned if the user doesn’t match the user from the previous task.

The best practices documentation also covers some of the possible patterns.

Hi @Vipul_Popat,

you can use the multiinstance task marker and create more than one instance of your user task with different assignees:

Hope this helps, Ingo