User task vs manual task


Whats the different between user task and manual task?

A user task is a representation of some kind of front end. The process will not continue until a user has done something to tell the process that they have completed it.
A manual task is just a representation of something that happens outside the scope of the process but the task exists purely as an indication of when this happens. The process will not need for any confirmation that a manual task has happened it will just automatically pass through it.


Then what is the significance of manual event if it will just automatically pass through it…

It’s existence is a result of the fact that BPMN as a notation is designed to be both a modeling notation to help people understand processes as well as the basis for a framework around automating processes with an Engine.
Some symbols have no really benefit to someone automating a process like the manual task or the complex gateway and some symbols are perhaps too complex for just modeling processes for diagrammatic purposes e.g. compensation.


Ok so simplify this for me. can we say the following.

If we have some sort of UI for the TASK then go with user task.

if no UI involved then go with Manual Task.

I am trying to understand what is good example use case for when to use a User Task vs Manual Task

If you look at it from a pure automation perspective, your diagram will not have any manual tasks. The engine will ‘ignore’ those, if they are present.
If you look at the diagram from a documentation perspective, a manual task might have added value because it indicates to the reader that there is something performed outside of the automation to achieve the overall process’ goal.

I’m trying to give an example:
Imagine you apply for a new mobile phone contract at a branch of your preferred Telco:

  1. You tell the clerk which subscription you want and give your particulars
  2. In the process start form the clerk will enter your information
  3. The system (workflow) will now generate a contract based on this information
  4. The clerk will review if everything is correct and then print this contract (User Task)
  5. The clerk takes the paper from the printer and hands it over to you, you read the T&C and sign the paper, the clerk takes the signed paper from you and scans it (Manual Task(s))
  6. The clerk, back at his desk uploads the scan to the system (User Task)
  7. The workflow proceeds with everything required to activate your subscription

The system does not care what you and the clerk are doing between the contract is printed and the signed contract is uploaded. But the Manual Task there is still helpful since it indicates that the main activity that has to happen before the automated workflow can proceed is you signing the contract.