User Tasks share variables in multi-instance subProcess?

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I have a multi-instance subProcess (one for every selected product in the flow).
In this subProcess the user has to define the delivery date, configuration, etc… per product via a user task (=embedded form). The problem I have is that the VariableManager sends the variables to the top-level scope (Product Order Process scope in my case) instead of the local scope SubProcess_WO. This causes the variables to be shared among my subprocess forms which I obviously do not want. I can of course add a listener to all end events and copy these variables from parent scope to local scope but this is ugly, tedious and error-prone.
Am I doing something wrong perhaps?

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Hi Nico Van Belle,

You can use an execution listener for the start event of the subprocess “SubProcess_WO” to create local variables “delivery date, configuration, etc” with empty values or default values. This way VariableManager should set values to the already defined variables of SubProcess_WO

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If this works this could indeed be a good workaround. I will give it a go.

Thank you.

Hi, This is not related to the current question but how can we share the local variable’s value to a global variable when the subProcess gets completed?