Users of my organisation cannot see my projects

Dear community,

I’ve created three projects with various diagrams and invited two colleagues to work on them. I’ve added them to my organisation and granted them Admin rights.

Still, none of them can see my projects. We tried several browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and deleted the cache, but still my projects don’t show up for them.

Next, I created a new group and added all three of us to it. This too does not have any effect on the visibility of my projects.

The weird thing is that for one of my colleagues, when he selects the modeler, my projects do show up for him but just for a split second during (during page loading).

Any ideas?

I browsed through all the settings and all the docs, but have no clue.

Maybe it’s because we are using the Free Version (not the Starter Pack)?

In any case, we didn’t have that problem when using Cawemo.

Please help:-)

Thank you!

Hi @NHU, welcome to the forums! Did you invite the users to the projects in Web Modeler, or just grant them admin rights to the organization?

Hi @nathan.loding, I added them as users to the organization, with admin rights.

I can’t find any menu item to invite users for collaboration on my projects:

Do I look in the wrong place?

@NHU - you should have a Collaborators side bar when you open a project:

@nathan.loding that’s what I’m looking for!

But as shown on my previous screenshot, it looks like I don’t have this sidebar.

Again, I tried with a different browser (Chrome instead of Edge), but in neither case I can see this sidebar.

Is this sidebar only available for the starter version (or higher)?

@NHU - your screenshot is of the projects page - you need to click into a project to see the Collaborators sidebar.

Thank you @nathan.loding, you’re absolutely right :grinning:

Sorry, I should have noticed this. The function makes perfect sense like this!

Thank you so much.

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