userTask name problem in RTL mode

In the Camunda modeler, when I use English words as userTask names, everything is ok.
But when I use other language like Persian which is in RTL mode, when words are more than three words, words arrange is messed up.

Hi @rezza72,

we know about problems regarding RTL languages inside the Camunda Modeler [1]. It’s not an easy task to support it in our modeling libraries. However, there are some examples [2][3] to modify the Camunda Modeler to kind of deal with it. In this case, you will have to modify the underlying bpmn-js library which is used in the Modeler. We are open for contributions (e.g. a plugin which fixes this) :muscle:t2:

[1] RTL problems
[2] bpmn-js-rtl-example
[3] bpmn-js css modifications

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Thanks . but these links are not my problem’s solution .

Mind sharing a screenshot of what it looks like?

evry things in my blog rtl
our language is persian and in persian we write right to left