UserTasks are created twice times


a few days ago I have opened following topic where I have had problems getting the jobexecutor working.

After that is solved, I have the problem, if a UserTask is reached, for everyone two entries in ACT_RU_TASK will be created and so the task twice times exist.

ID_                                  |REV_ |EXECUTION_ID_                        |PROC_INST_ID_                        |PROC_DEF_ID_                                                  |CASE_EXECUTION_ID_ |CASE_INST_ID_ |CASE_DEF_ID_ |NAME_                |PARENT_TASK_ID_ |DESCRIPTION_ |TASK_DEF_KEY_            |OWNER_ |ASSIGNEE_ |DELEGATION_ |PRIORITY_ |CREATE_TIME_        |DUE_DATE_ |FOLLOW_UP_DATE_ |SUSPENSION_STATE_ |TENANT_ID_ |
8a11f99b-cb0c-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |1    |8a115d54-cb0c-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |89cb2d7d-cb0c-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |Process_X:2:4cd339c3-cb0b-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |                   |              |             |Beschreibung zu DoFirst |                |             |Task_DoFirst |       |          |            |50        |2018-10-08 17:12:15 |          |                |1                 |           |
8a1247c1-cb0c-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |1    |8a11ab75-cb0c-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |89cb2d7d-cb0c-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |Process_X:2:4cd339c3-cb0b-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |                   |              |             |Beschreibung zu DoFirst |                |             |Task_DoFirst |       |          |            |50        |2018-10-08 17:12:15 |          |                |1                 |           |
d62aae37-cb0b-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |1    |d62a3902-cb0b-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |d5a3cad7-cb0b-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |Process_X:2:4cd339c3-cb0b-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |                   |              |             |Beschreibung zu DoSecond |                |             |Task_DoSecond |       |          |            |50        |2018-10-08 17:07:13 |          |                |1                 |           |
d62afc5b-cb0b-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |1    |d62a6013-cb0b-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |d5a3cad7-cb0b-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |Process_X:2:4cd339c3-cb0b-11e8-8ac6-6a6d1698cb21 |                   |              |             |Beschreibung zu DoSecond |                |             |Task_DoSecond |       |          |            |50        |2018-10-08 17:07:13 |          |                |1                 |           |

I have actually no idea to find out, what the problem is. The Service Tasks were only one time executed. My underlying database is a MariaDB 10.2 with disabled “batch Processing” flag in a docker container. It is the same issue using MariaDB 10.0.

It would be nice, if someone has a tipp for me. Thanks! :slight_smile:


  • Same issue using latest supported Postgresql 9.6
  • Also same issue, when no async flag (without job executor) is set
  • Beside my process I have deployed a simple process with one userTask. When an instance is started, only one UserTask instance exists. Hmm, that means, that something is wrong with my process. I think I will create a new one to verify that…

Can you upload your process model - so we can see what exactly is happening?

Hi Niall,

here is my process model:
bestelleingang-alt.bpmn (22.3 KB)

Note: I have disabled the execution flag.

Actually I am remodeling my process and the new one works fine.

If you will find the bug in my model, please post it here.


Is it the Rechnung verakten task that is run twice?

You have two sequence flows going into it - so it creates 2 tokens. Deleting the extra sequence flow will do the trick.

That Task I have not checked, because earlier usertasks are called twice. If sequence flow “Vorkasse” is passed, the Usertask “Geldeingang prüfen” is called twice, for instance.