Using camunda extensions of BPMN model causing error during deployment


I have a question regarding using the camunda extended markup for the BPMN model.
At the moment I’m trying to specify camunda:candidateGroups=“group1,group2” in the userTask elemenet as per sample below:

<bpmn2:userTask id="UserTask_05vjg9m" name="test" camunda:candidateGroups="group1,group2">
  <bpmn2:standardLoopCharacteristics />

However when i try to deploy this bpmn file using the rest api integration I get the following error:

“type”: “ProcessEngineException”,
“message”: “couldn’t parse ‘process.bpmn’: The prefix "camunda" for attribute "camunda:candidateGroups" associated with an element type "userTask" is not bound.”

I guess I’m missing something for camunda engine to recognise the extended markup attributes?

Is it possible to pass the group id in the camunda:candidateGroups attribute or just group name?

Thank you for your help

Hi @fredcallagan ,

You need to declare the camunda namespace, e.g. as an attribute of the definitions element of your process model. See this model from our example repository service for an example and in particular the xmlns:camunda declaration.

In the camunda:candidateGroups attribute, you have to use group IDs.


Hi thank you for your help.

However Now that i’m successfully adding camunda:candidateUsers=“id1,id2” and once i start an instance of the process definition. The tasks are not redirected to those candidate users. Anything I’m missing?

Kind Regards