Using Camunda to span Jira and DevOps installs


I am reaching to test an idea and see if it is possible.

I am currently working on a large program of works with a client who is using DevOps and Confluence, and us, (the vendor) who use Jira and Confluence as our knowledge stores.

The gap I can see is there are no BPM-style process maps sitting in either store, but this is my first time using all three tools. I did a quick bit of research and came across Camunda.

My pie in the sky vision is Camunda would hold an agreed process map between the two environments and the tickets in Jira and DevOps would then refer to the process as a link.

We would like to then flip the agreed BPMs into end users guides and ultimately into our own automation engine but first things first; can Camunda acts as a bridge to link Jira to DevOps?