Using custom type in a form field in a user task leads to an unknown type error when executing

this is my definition of the user task:

<bpmn:userTask id="Task_4" name="Task 4" camunda:assignee="demo">
      <camunda:formField id="module" label="Modulkurse" type="ch.zhaw.iwi.demokell.Module" />

Executing the model in Eclipse will yield the following error ( is available):

  • unknown type ‘ch.zhaw.iwi.demokell.Module’ | process.bpmn | line 77 | column 98

Hi Thomas Keller,

Camunda extends BPMN with custom Extension Elements and Attributes and one of the camunda extension elements is formField

Based on documentation

Only the following types are supported for type attribute (out of the box):

  • string
  • long
  • date
  • boolean
  • enum

To work with serialized java objects in embedded forms see below sample