Using Optimize for Tracking end to end SLAs and Process Metrics across multiple BPM engines

There are (different) independent processes ( say P1, P2 ,P3) each deployed on their own Camunda BPM Engines ( with their own databases) and a single Optimize instance collects metrics from all these BPM engines .

In this scenario , can Optimize provide end to end tracking , metrics and SLA breaches across P1, P2 , P3. ( e.g. I define SLA is terms of maximum process completion time allowed for P1+P2+P3 together and not for individual processes) ?

Hi @rr6594

currently it is possible to connect Optimize to multiple camunda engines, but the reports are always focused on one specific process. This means to get the end to end duration / metrics across multiple processes you would have to orchestrate them in one high-level process in one of the engines.
At the same time we are currently investigating how to achieve end2end monitoring directly in Optimize without the need of creating such process in the camunda engine.
Are there also other systems involved in your end2end process that you would like to monitor or is it really only multiple camunda processes that are involved here?



Is there an update on the effort to create unified process reports in Optimize for processes from disparate Camunda instances?


Hey @Tapan
the mentioned scenario would be a good use-case for our new Process Events Monitoring functionality that we released with Optimize 3.0.
You can read more about it in our release blogpost: