Using PHP forms within Camunda Tasklist

I am just 10 days in to Camunda. My setup:I have Camunda 7.6 (Tomcat)

I have a working process. Now I want to add the UI (Forms) via PHP (I have the PHP setup on my machine already, XAMPP on windows).
So now i create a new php file under “META-INF/forms/” folder with name index.php (with a simple form).
If I run this file via my PHP installation, it runs fine. But when I put the form key on my user task in eclipse as “app:forms/index.php” it woul dnot work and for good reasons as this time when the same index.php file is executed it is getting executed on the tomcat which does not have the PHP server.

So my question is how can i use the Forms in PHP to get this working. (how to get php files executed in Camunda environment)
I want to use PHP as I am more comfortable in that instead of Java. Would move on to AngularJS soon but want to figure this out first.

I can use the PHP SDK only once I am able to execute the php files in Camunda environment.

Thanks & Regards,
Shivam Verma

Hi Shivam Verma,

External task forms may be a solution to your problem. That way, forms are not required to be served by the Tomcat server Camunda runs in.


Thanks Thorben,
External task forms definitely looks the way to go.

Based on your suggestion and a bit ot hit and try this is what I have now.
Which is working just fine for me. But If I can get a confirmation as to if this is the right approach, it would be great.

My folder structure:

PHP server is configured in such a way that if the user went to “localhost:81/test.php”, the page executes successfully.

In the Form Key field, I had “app:forms/php/index.php” earlier.
After reading the link and doing some testing I now put “http://localhost:81/test.php”, which work fine.
So I have the PHP form opened up, rendered by the PHP server, with extra fields (taskID & callback URL)

Is this the correct (and appropriate) way to go?

Thanks & Regards,
Shivam Verma

Sounds good to me :slight_smile: