Using the Rest api with Authorization

Could you help me understand the principles of working in the camunda with the help of restypi. How can I access the camunda through the rest of the protected area?
The core of the camunda is completely controlled remotely through the restashi, I want that the access via the restapi is strictly authorized.
Can you give examples of using resty to get id?

Hi @ntb,

I am not sure that I can understand your question properly. In order to secure your rest-api you could add basic authentication filter to the web.xml of engine-rest webapp.

  <!-- Authentication filter -->
    <filter-name>Authentication Filter</filter-name>
    <filter-name>Authentication Filter</filter-name>

this will force basic authentication to be present on all REST requests towards your REST api. You can also read more about the topic here And may be this topic would be helpful: Camunda Rest API with Authentication on


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Well thank you!
And how can I switch to a more reliable method of authentication?
Can you give an example of setting if possible?