Using Zeebe with OpenSearch instead of Elastic?

Thomas Heinrichs: Hi Cloud folk :wave:
Has anyone of you made some experiences using AWS OpenSearch instead of elastic? At least in the Forum I do find multiple unanswered questions about this :thinking_face:

Nicolas: It’s probably difficult to use the default exporter for this due to how AWS authentication works by signing every request (at least last time I checked). There’s no real built in way with the Zeebe exporter to do this - your best bet for now would be to extend the exporter yourself and implement the authentication required.

Thomas Heinrichs: Thanks! That is an awesome answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We have many large customers who use and/or prefer AWS OpenSearch, and open source OpenSearch. We prefer the licensing structure of OpenSearch, and would like to be able to use OpenSearch. We have to use authentication and encrypted communication with OpenSearch.

We would appreciate it very much if you could also add support for AWS and open source OpenSearch in the ElasticsearchExporter. It seems like this could simply be a feature in the exporter.

Hi @VolueOle

You could fork the ES exporter and patch it to use AWS OpenSearch, then contribute the patch back. That would be the fastest way to get it done.