Variable data is not loading in cockpit


We are using Camunda-7.6.2 with a 6 node Cluster on Weblogic & we use Oracle for the database ( which supports READ COMMITTED ).

Issue we are facing now:
1: Variable data not loading at all for 1 hour of wait time. [Refer to Pic-1]

2: After waiting for 1 hour or So… comes up with message “No Process Variables”[Refer to Pic-2]

PFA screenshot.

Any help is appreciated.

Sudhanshu Dash

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Are you able to view the variables in runtime?
what is your history level set to?

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Yes, Am able to view the variables in run time.
History level set to full.


Are you using any history cleanup?
Can you verify that the variables are in the DB’s history tables?

No, We are not using any history cleanup.
Yes variables are present in DB table(act_hi_varinst).

  1. The issue occurs when the size of data in table “act_hi_varinst” increases drastically. But this does not happen when the size of data in that table is less.

Sounds to me like a DB configuration problem, i’m not familiar enough with oracle db config to make a suggestion.

Since you’re an EE customer I’d suggest you consider creating a support ticket.

Could you please help me to create a ticket with Camunda Enterprise support team.

Hi @Sudhanshu_Sekhar,

have a look at the docs:

Hope this helps, Ingo