Variable DMN scheme

Good afternoon!
I use a dmn scheme(case) from several tables, on the output I get the variables only of the final table. How can I get all the variables used in the schema?
And how can you get them not in the form of a map, but in the form of separate variables?


I have a similar problemma
I’m using the DMN Decision Requirement Diagram
I need to get the results of calculating the intermediate tables dmn schema

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I believe the output values of each table evaluated in a DRG are available after each table is evaluated.

Depending upon how you set up your table, you may not have an option but to get variables as a map, which you will need to parse into individual variables. You may have to configure the process manually to get the DMN rule configured for “single” variable return. This reference will provide you with some information on “how” DMN returns output values.

The XML BPMN code will have a section like the following where can see such a configuration element:

<businessRuleTask id="businessRuleTask"
    camunda:resultVariable="result" />