Variables mapping with Multi instance


Seems like I’m going over the issue of variables mapping and multi instances but can’t resolve my issue.
I’m trying to build a workflow where there are several things to be processed and then upon the process result other workers should do their part.
My workflow is like this:

Create Items to Process returns an array of items to process, then for each item, it needs to be processed, and upon the result of the processing either it needs to be updated or an alert should be generated.
Now the Multistep is configured like this, so it gets a collection/array of items and should work on an item.

But I get an error that failed to evaluate expression '{item: item}': no variable found for name 'item'
and Process Item is defined like this

Any idea what is wrong here?


Hi @dankopaykey,

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There is a small failure in the definition of the input element. And in the definition of the output collection. The input element and the output collection should not start with an equal sign.


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Thanks a lot @philipp.ossler !
What I was missing that the single element should not have =