Variables values changing

Hello Everybody,

In my process, i change the values of my variables via the Rest API message resource.

In fact, i’m calling Uipath Robot which responds the engine with new variables values using this structure :

“messageName” : “value of correlation message”,
“processVariables” : {

“Variable Name 1”:{“value” : “value”, “type” : “variable type” },
“Variable Name 2”:{“value” : “value”, “type” : “variable type” },


My problem is that when i complete a task and go to the next task the variables values changes ???

Can you tell me why i have this, i really need your help ?

Thank you

Hi @Othmen,

Could you please share your model

@hassang thank you for your reply.

this is a part of my model :


If you want tell me what do you suspect and i will tell you.


Can someone help me it’s very important.

Thank you

Please be more descriptive. Values change to what? Does the variable type change?
I’m having an issue where the variable type changes at some point in the server, but not in the local system.