Versioning of BPMN Flows


we have a use case where BPMN A - Version 1 runs below steps Start, Invoke External task, end .
I am deploying BPMN A -Version 2 which has additional steps Start, Invoke External task1, Invoke External task 2, end Step

Question 1: Will Cammunda engine will take the version 2 immediately after the deployment . can you please confirm this understanding or do I need to update old running instance in Data base.

Hi @stephenbalben_joel,

Whenever a new version of a process definition is deployed, existing process instances that run on previous versions are not affected. That means, the new process definition does not apply to them automatically.

The process instance migration API can be employed
Process Instance Migration |

But the new version applies by default to new instances.

Hi, @stephenbalben_joel ,

If you have already a running instance on version 1, the instance will run unaffected because of the deployment of a newer version. If you want the newer version to be used, then you have to start a new instance of the newly deployed version. The previous instances will be running in their associated deployments only.

Hope this helps.

You still have the option to start new instance using an old version, but you need to do the start by Id instead of doing it by key.

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hi @hassang

From which table does it pick the version when start by Id & which table does it pick doing it by key .

It is a single table (ACT_RE_PROCDEF) which contains the columns (KEY_, VERSION_, DEPLOYMENT_ID_)

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