Versioning of DMN subdecisions

Our system imports several DMN tables that are based on common DMN sub-decision.
Although there is a standard mechanism to versioning imported decisions, we have a problem with versions of the sub-decisions.
What is the best way to manage versions in that case?
Are there some concerns being put to develop some out-of-the-box approach?
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Hi @mkumorek,

can you please describe your use case in more detail?
How do you evaluate the sub-decisions?
How do you import the sub-decisions?

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Hi @Philipp_Ossler,
I import whole Decision Requirements Graph, that contains internal decisions:
In java it looks that way:
.addInputStream(drgName, drgStream)

Let’s say I have DRG_1 that evaluates Subdecision_1.
Some time later I add a new DRG_2, that defines also Subdecision_1 (already imported key) and it overwrites the former one, because has the same key.
Now, DRG_1 uses the latter (inappropriate) Subdecision_1, just because it is newer.

Is there a way to enforce that all imported decisions has unique key? Like adding some suffix/prefix?
Keys would be differentiable because they would look like e.g.
“DRG_1_Subdecision_1” vs “DRG_2_Subdecision_1”.

I am curious if someone had similar problem and there is some existing, suggested, or planned solution?

Hi @Philipp_Ossler,

maybe there is a versioning of Decisions planned like the BPMN engine does? I see similarities to the handling of call activities using camunda:calledElementBinding or camunda:calledElementVersion here.

Can you comment on that?

Hi @mkumorek,

how do you invoke Subdecision_1in DRG_1?

If you have a decision in DRG_1 which has Subdecision_1 as a required decision, then it should always evaluate the version and not a newer one.

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the versioning in the same to BPMN but DMN has no “Call Decision” element. So if you want to evaluate a decision from another DRG then you have to handle it your own.

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Hi @Philipp_Ossler,

thank you for your help. I tested the topic more deeply and realized 2 things:

  1. I was wrong about using this “newer version”. My tests show that the DRG always uses proper Subdecision, while being evaluated.

  2. I looked into the DB, and found that Sub can be joined to the DRG with:

    And that is probably reason, why it works :slight_smile:


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