View specific time of Timer Start Events in Camunda8


I have a rather complicated cyclic Timer Start Event in a Camunda 8 process model.

Where can I view the next time the timer start event will trigger?

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You could look at the last time it triggered in Operate, then manually calculate it.

To speed that up, write the calculation in JS, and copy paste the last activation time from Operate into it.


Thanks Josh.

As you indicate this approach is more of a hack to find out what is probably the next time. For example, if there have been daylight saving time changes between the real calculation and my manual calculation it might get quite complicated.

I was hoping to get the calculated value via an undocumented API of Operate API (REST) | Camunda Platform 8 :wink:

The calculated value must be persisted somewhere. Therefore it is unfortunate that this cannot be retrieved via UI or an API.

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Hi @tobiasschaefer,

We’re planning to add it to the Operate API, but we don’t have a specific timeline yet.

Another #hacks way would be to use GitHub - camunda-community-hub/zeebe-simple-monitor: A monitoring application to show insides of Zeebe for developers to check the timers.


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