Visualize changes in Camunda 7 DMN from different versions

Hi, Is there a way to visualize the changes we made from one version to another version in Camunda 7 cockpit?

You can’t do it directly in cockpit, but you can use this bpmn diffing tool independently

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Hi, is there something for DMN comparison. Is there any API for the above provided diff link?

Hi @Niall ,

I too was looking for a DMN diff tool. I dont see it working for DMN’s. Any suggestions ?

In one of the posts here in the forum About diffing tool for DMN I can see that there is a offering from SAP which can help with this requirement. But we would like to know if there is something in Camunda itself which we can use. We may run into licensing and other issues to procure a different product and also not worthy just for one of the requirements to go for a new product altogether.

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Can you explain a little bit about what you would need a DMN diffing tool for exactly? Who would use it and what would they be trying to find out exactly.

Hi @Niall,

So the requirement is something like this, for new DMNs, a person creates the DMN and submits for approval and it gets deployed in the respective environment after approval.

But when there is a change in the existing DMN, the approver wants to see what has changed from previous version before he can approve the change.

I personally prefer the option of driving the deployment through a CI CD pipeline which deploys a tested version of DMN, diffs I prefer to see them on git PR’s, but the request came from a business user and hence trying to find if there is any such visual representation feature available which highlights the differences between both the versions.

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