VueJS For Tasklist Forms

I want to create workflow forms using VueJS. Are there any good examples on this? I came across but that’s more than two years old. Is there any update that is similar article or tutorial? Also in this tutorial it is not clear what is imported to allow start of process etc. But this has not been updated in two years so I am not sure this shows the latest 7.2 task list features or correct way to import for starting processes. What aspects might have changed since this was written? I did run this example using yarn install and yarn serve. What I am seeing now is:

Loading … for all tasks. I needed to also delete yarn.lock before yarn install for it to run

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Hi @Steven,

the API between the Tasklist app and the Camunda Engine hasn’t changed significantly since then.

I can assume that something changed on the vue.js side.

We are looking forward to a pull request, if you could upgrade it to the latest vue.js version.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi @Steven,

I am very interested in this functionality and had some spare time. So I created a pull request with 2 “minor” fixes. Hope you don’t mind.


Hi @martinr1604.

Thats great where can I see the fixes?

Hi @Steven;

you can see the changes in the pull request #245 “Vue loading fix”. The diff of the bpmn file is unclear. In essence I changed the assignment of

var test = { “test”: “hello”}
var test = “hello”

Hope that helps.

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