Wait until you are in a certain hour range before performing an action

I am interacting with an external service which has a limited SLA and I am allowed to interact with it only in a certain time-range (10-19, for example).

Should I model this as an exclusive gateway and a wait time or is there something in the Timer that could help me model this more elegantly?

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you can use timer cycle and specify the cycle using cron expressions, see the documentation for that.

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Isn’t the cycle repeated? or only if the contriggers has a next date?

@Edmondo_Porcu you are using something like a Service Task to interact with the external service?

Could you have a task before a Timer that determines when you can next interact with the external service, and then use the output from that task to set the value of the timer (basically when the timer can execute/continue/how long to wait) and then flow to the task that uses the external service ?

Do something such as:

edit: This would also probably be a good scenario to wrap in a transaction sub-process.

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