Warning message "A User Task should have a defined Form"

Hello Camunda folks!

In my Camunda Modeler I see warnings like that:

A User Task should have a defined Form

But due to our specific business logic our User Tasks do not have any Forms defined and we do not need them. So my questions is how to work around to make this warning message disappear or should I need to ignore it?


Hi Nick,

Thanks for the feedback. Makes sense that you should be able to get rid of this warning if you’re not using Camunda Forms. Let me look into this.

In the meantime, it can be ignored.

Thanks @Niall !
That would be good to find a solution how to get rid of these warning messages. Every time my managers see them they start to answer questions why we have warnings into our BPMN diagrams :slightly_smiling_face:

I spoke to the team and it looks like they’re going to change this to make it more “manager friendly” so you wont have to deal with these unwanted warnings for long I hope.

Ok, that is good!
Thanks a lot!

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