We are merging the Camunda Cloud and Camunda Platform forums!

On Monday, April 11th our Camunda Cloud and Camunda Platform forums will go into read-only mode to prep for our forum consolidation or merging effort.

On Tuesday, April 12th in line with our product release, we will bring up a single consolidated forum available on forum.camunda.io. Users and posts will all migrate over.

There might be some bumps along the way, but we hope this makes the forums easier to find, faster to get a response, and easier for us to maintain.


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new consolidated forum experience for Camunda Platform. This means your questions for Camunda Platform 7 and Camunda Platform 8 can be answered here in this one place. forum.camunda.org now redirects to forum.camunda.io.

We hope this reduces the number of times we tell you things like “you should post this in the other forum” because there simply is no other forum! We may, however, move your topic or post to a different category for better visibility.

I promised some bumps along the way and there are a few I’d like to acknowledge for transparency:

  • Some users lost their avatars. While this is certainly a bit of a bummer, you should be able to update this individually from your personal profile.
  • Some users may have two profiles. We can merge these and I will personally merge them as I see them. This happened if you had a profile on both forums but used different email addresses or login mechanisms (that set different primary email addresses).
  • Google and GitHub Auth were not immediately available. This has been fixed, login as usual.
  • Emails were disabled for non-staff. This has been fixed.
  • It’s not obvious from the category names what version of Camunda Platform should be discussed. This is a work in progress. Adding “Camunda Platform X” makes the names quite lengthy on the UI.

We will continue learning and navigating this consolidated forum experience together, just like we are continuing on this Camunda Platform journey together. Thank you for your patience over the last ~36 hours. It is truly my pleasure to enable this amazing community.

Head of Developer Experience @ Camunda