We are trying to traverse a flowdiagram with .net C# code


I am from .net world and looking for two options

  1. Convert BPMN to XAML which i can use in with my xaml engine
  2. C# code to traverse throught the BPMN xml to get the required output without using camunda engine

Both of those options sounds like a lot of hard work and there are probably easier way so to do it.

If you really want to use a xaml engine - then maybe using BPMN isn’t a great idea. One of the key things about BPMN is that it already has the semantics to be directly exactable. Adding an additional transformation stage negates that benefit, so you might as well use something native to the engine.

BPMN can be very dynamic and depening on who has modeled the process inputs and output may or may not be present in the BPMN, so this could also be a problem.

I should also mention that if you wanted you could use Camunda as the engine, still use C# for your business logic and services and then you wouldn’t need to convert anything.

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Hi Niail,
Thank you for your reply.
I am okay to use Camunda(without having to use the subscription) but hosting the camunda engine locally? is it allowed in camunda 8.0 and are there any easy steps to acheive running cammunda engine locally?

Absolutely - you can install it locally by following these instructions: