We need Shortcuts for Append Tasks, Gateways, etc

Like the title says.

I was very surprised to see there’s no functionality to use keyboard shortcuts to create a sequence of tasks and gateways in camunda.

Big Sad.

I’m new here so maybe the function exists but is hidden somewhere

Most people find it must easier to use a mouse to click things together quite quickly


How would you imagine using the keyboard to build this model? Have you seen this feature in other places?


T - append task
G - append gateway
E - append event


Much faster than clicking unless you’re a pro gamer or trying to trick your employers tracking software into making you employee of the month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sadly my many years of wasted youth playing Command & Conquer has very much pushed me in the direction of use mouse clicks along with little regard for keyboard short cuts. Probably why i never went pro…

I think for very basic diagrams this might be quite handy.
Luckily enough the modeler and related libraries are all open source and build to be quite extendable, there’s a pretty robust plugin mechanism that you could work on - the cool thing is that we build the plugin system to require almost entirely keyboard input :wink: so you’ll love it.

The community that focuses on this can be found here if you’d like to give it a shot: https://forum.bpmn.io/

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