Web Modeler Self-Managed Beta

As a partner we downloaded and tried out the Web Modeler Self-Managed Beta.
It is currently running in Docker containers (as described on the webpage) under my windows machine, and I can enter the Modeler. But there seems to be no Connectors activated. I get “Template not found” when importing from cloud-modeler and also the wrench icon (Change element) popup is not showing any Connectors.
I can see (in my Docker Desktop) a Docker container running called “camunda/connectors-bundle:0.1.0”, which I suspect is playing a key part.

Hello @hakanostrom , good to hear you are trying out Web Modeler Self-Managed!

It seems like this is missing in the documentation on Github: you also need to download the Connector templates and upload them to your respective Modeler projects. You can find them here: GitHub - camunda-community-hub/camunda-8-connectors: A curated list of awesome Camunda Platform 8 projects, driven by the community, partners, and Camundos.

You need to navigate to/clone the respective code repository

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and there to the element templates dir

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to find the template.

We are working on streamlining this process, to make the templates easier to access. One benefit is that users are in control which Connectors to offer in their Self-Managed environment, and which not. Happy to receive your feedback and ideas about provisioning of Connectors and their templates in a Self-Managed environment!


Hi all,

this has already been streamlined. Please have a look at the Connectors installation guide for Self-Managed. This also describes the Connector Templates.

We can also link to that from the README in the Camunda Platform repository if that helps. :+1:


I have the same issue as the query posted, I went through Connectors installation guide for self managed, I’m using the docker version to run my camunda 8 however in my camunda desktop modeler i don’t see the custom connectors there.

I have the connectors docker image running, any suggestions appreciated.

Hi @cri11, just to understand your context right, did you also follow the Connector templates section of the installation guide?

@tmetzke Thanks, I read the documentation on connectors and it’s working on my modeler now.