Web Modeler - Subprocess collapsed not accessible

Hello there,
We are trying to use the webmodeler (SaaS) to collaborate on process design.
As we can use the “Sub process (Expanded)” to implement low complexity subprocess, we want to use “Sub process (collapsed)” to design higher complexity.

Yet, the link to the Sub Process Diagram (small blue arrow on bottom right) do not appear once the object is created.

(and for UX purposes, it would be covered by the bubble icon for comments :sweat_smile: )

It seems the link is accessible when selecting at least 2 elements with multiple selector, but faded away once only the sub process is selected :

Other test : Using the Desktop modeler, this Sub Process Diagram link do appear, and once the BPMN file is re-uploaded on the web modeler, the link is accessible.
Yet, this is removing the capacity to collaborate efficiently on web :pensive:

Any misuse on our side, or it is the way the web modeler works ?
Thanks for your help.

Hello my friend!
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I believe it may be a problem related to your browser.
I use Google Chrome, and it works correctly here, as you can see in the images below:


William Robert Alves


  • Check if your browser is up to date.
  • Remove cookies / data stored in cash / etc…

Open cawemo and try again!

I hope this helps.
William Robert Alves

On Chrome 116, after refreshing all browser data : still the same issue.

We use the workaround of selecting at least 2 objects, and once the sub process has been completed with at least start and end event, the arrow appears permanently.
So it seems the only problem is the display of the arrow when we create a new sub-process, still empty.

Thanks for the help.

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