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Hello All,

I would like to use webhook connector. How can I do this? In self managed enterprise edition. I can not see any option in web modeler regarding to it.

Webhook option does not appear:

Thanks a lot.

Hello @tech_a, first you must go to the marketplace to search and download, only then will it appear on your list

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HI @tech_a

Connectors on self managed need to be installed independently. They’re already per-installed on the self managed which is what @Domingos_Dias has pointed out.

You can check this for more details on installation and this to get the templates you’ll need.

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What about if there is no connection to marketplace (because of firewall settings)? Is it installable manually?

You don’t need to connect to the marketplace.
You just need to run the connectors yourself and install the template in the modeler. The marketplace is just linked there so you can find a link to the templates to use

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