Webinar: Adapt Faster with Camunda and AI

Adapt Faster with Camunda

Embrace ever-changing business requirements with AI infused end-to-end orchestration.

Online: Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | 10AM ET / 4PM CET

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What to expect

Today, businesses are under immense pressure, being challenged to do more with less, while still maintaining their competitive edge and delivering value to their customers. Automation technology promises to help organizations meet these demands. However, few automation platforms can orchestrate a process end-to-end, leading to fragmented task-based or point automations loosely joined together; resulting in compounding technical debt.

This can bring even the most agile business to a halt; with development teams working overtime to compensate for the lack of integration and visibility into end-to-end processes.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how organizations can drive lasting value through end-to-end process orchestration, enabling them to adapt faster to changing market conditions and regulatory concerns. And, we’ll discuss how end-to-end process orchestration uniquely enables organizations to realize the full promise of AI to truly supercharge efficiency, productivity and continuous improvement across your entire enterprise.

We’ll share details about how our latest features will help your organization confidently harness the power of AI to increase productivity, efficiency, and visibility, enabling you to adapt faster, no matter what’s next!

Join this live event where we’ll show you how you can:

  • Adapt faster with Camunda Copilot and preview Camunda’s overarching vision for AI
  • Speed up form creation with an AI-assisted Form Builder
  • Orchestrate generative AI tools and services such as Open AI, Azure Open AI, and Hugging Face
  • Leverage your process execution data for machine learning
  • Flexibly accommodate process changes and updates with process instance migration
  • Intelligently route customer inquiries with an AI-enabled process blueprint
  • Find the Camunda information you need with AI-powered search
  • … and more