What are Decision Requirements Graphs (DRG) Used For?

I must be misinterpreting what Camunda 7.6’s implementation of DRG is intended to be used for. I thought you could “draw” a DRG where the outputs of one table could be fed into the inputs of the next table.

The example provided in the documentation makes two separate calls to the two separate decision tables. In other words, you couldn’t make a single REST call to DRG “key”, passing in all the necessary inputs for all the decision tables in the DRG, and then receive the “results” from that evaluation.

What the current implementation appears to be is just a way to document the relationship between the tables and external processes or code must actually implement that decision logic. Am I missing something here?


DRD’s can automatically chain decision tables together. Check out this blog post and example.




Thanks Rob. I was concerned that I had misinterpreted what I think is a great new feature.

The Blog explains it pretty well.


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