What are the negative consequences of increasing maxMessageSize?

given the limitation of no of multi-instances possible(open issue), one option is to increase maxMessageSize from 4MB.
I assume it may come with cost, hence would like to understand what that is. any documentation/info on potential consequences would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

Hi @mrsateeshp :wave:

First of all, we don’t test the system with a bigger message size. I can not say how it behaves.

I assume that increasing the max message size would result in bigger memory consumption. It may also have a negative impact on the performance.

In general, we’re thinking about reducing the max. message size because we see better performance with a lower value.

An alternative to increasing the max. message size could be to split the multi-instance into multiple parts. For example, by using nested multi-instance subprocesses/call activities (i.e. nested doll principle), or using a loop around.

Does this help you?

Best regards,

Thanks Philipp.
Yes, i was actually thinking of splitting multi-instance as a workaround, will give it a try.