What are the practical differences between production and non-production usage of tools like Operate in Camunda 8?

I am trying to decide between using the SaaS or the Self-Managed version of Camunda 8 and I would like to know the main differences between using the production system of the Operate, Optimize and Tasklist tools and the limited-production system. What are some examples of abilities that are provided by using the full version of the tools that cannot be found in the limited one?

Hi @ebproject,

technically, there is no difference between the non-production systems of Operate, Tasklist and Optimize and the production versions in a Self-Managed setup. Both are using the same container images.

Legally, you are not allowed to use these containers for a production system without a license from Camunda.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Oh okay, thank you!

Building on Ingo’s response - see here for more details: How Open is Camunda Platform 8? - Camunda