What does domain-specific configurability mean in Zeebe license terms?

The Zeebe license overview page mentions the below statement

Scenarios in which a software vendor embeds Zeebe into their own SaaS product, to provide a layer of domain-specific configurability to their users.

Our use case of using Zeebe is this - Our team understands the requirements from the client and defines workflows (BPMN diagrams) that are deployed and executed by Zeebe behind the scenes. The workflows are specific to the domain we are into.

I am assuming this use case doesn’t violate the licensing terms but I am confused after reading the above statement and I am looking for a confirmation on the same. If there are examples that explain what would a layer of domain-specific configurability mean it would be helpful.


Hi JGeek. According to the Zeebe License Overview and FAQ - Camunda the case you refer to is explicitly permitted.

The typical example is: You provide a SaaS ERP solution (or whatever the domain is you are doing). As part of the ERP system, you use Zeebe to orchestrate certain processes (like customer onboarding). Your customers might have differences in how they onboard customers - so they can customize the process, probably using some kind of web modeler and are able to redeploy the customer onboarding process. This is all allowed - as you are not offering a generic process orchestration service, but tie it to your ERP system use case.

Does this make things clearer?

If you can disclose your domain / what you are doing exactly it gets easier to give a specific answer.


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Thanks for the detailed example. We are into fintech domain.

Your example is quite helpful in understanding the offering. A couple of follow up questions -

  1. When you say the customers can customize the process in a web modeler and redeploy - this basically means our product would have to provide the web modeling capability right?
  2. If the customers are allowed to customize the workflow (bpmn diagram) they would still be restricted to use the defined task types that are supported by our product - which makes it restricted to our domain right?


  1. If you want to have it in web, you need web capabilities. Most customers actually base it on https://bpmn.io/ directly in this case (especially given that not the full web modeler is , see: How Open is Camunda Platform 8? - Camunda)
  2. yep - domain-specific (fintech counts as domain :-))
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