What is Camunda and why is it used?

I have an idea of what Camunda is and have seen videos.

My understanding is that it makes it easier to visualize or see the workflow of a project and to make a flow diagram and add in bits of code onto the diagram at points you want to code.

If I’m right in that, I was just wondering what was life like before Camunda? Was it just harder as there was no diagram to visualize with and people had to draw it out?

I would say that generally the visualization of your process is a nice side affect of using BPMN. The core use case of Camunda is to help your orchestrate your users and systems in a way that means those systems don’t need to worry about what happens next when they complete their part of the process.

Doing things centralizes error handling, versioning and monitoring while also decoupling your services to the point where they can be individually maintained.

Hi @johnwhat,

The idea of Business Process Management Systems is quite old (> 20 years), they existed even before Camunda. The approach these days was to put all informations to call everything into the (proprietary) process diagram. And most times in a descriptive manner, so that the business people, who know their processes best, could do the automation by themselves. But this approach was limited to simple processes or only limited domains. To break out of these no code approach, coding in propriatary areas was required but very hard.

Other people did all the automation in code. Sometimes they had a process model to show the requirements.

Hope this helps, Ingo