What is point of Message Start Event if I can start it just like any "plain" Start Event?

I used Message Start Event for the start of my process. I used Postman to correlate the message which then started my process. But then I went to Tasklist and started the process there (without any message correlation), which also worked.
Should it not work? Because as its name says, that process should be started by receiving some message. Now my process has started without any received message. Isn’t it wrong?

Hi @stefanpg ,

I tend to agree that from a semantic meaning perspective, a message start event should not be visible via the tasklist start menu option. If you want to prevent starting a process from tasklist, there is a startable flag in the modeller properties at the process level. If you set this to false, the process will not be visible on the start menu…




Message start events can be used if you want to have multiple ways of starting a process or start a process from a different place based on the message.
But if there is only one start event and that event is a message event you can still start the process in the usual way.