What is the best way to get the size (eg KB,MB) of a process instance?

I want to get the size of my process instance running under the Camunda Engine.

Hello and welcome!
Why do you need size info?
what constitutes size?


Sorry for the delay in reply, let me tell you about the requirement.

  • I want to know when a process instance is started how much memory it is consuming
    in RAM
  • What will be the maximum number of processes can I instantiate and run at the same time for any specific RAM size like 8GB RAM?

It’s actually a very hard to estimate this, the engine in generally really lightweight and the amount of RAM needed usually never comes up as an issue. Performance wise it’s usually a conversation about Threads and Database settings.

But i can tell you that what most affects the RAM will be the size of the variables you’re storing in each process instance.

Thanks, I understood. Any visual VM kind of thing, I mean any visual tool which can help us to understand the resource utilization and optimization. Like nowadays JDK ships with a few of the tools which can help us to visualize the JVM utilizations and it can help us to do performance tuning.

You can basically use whatever tools you prefer for checking resource consumption.
The important thing is knowing what to do when you notice a problem for that i suggest you take a look at the best practices guide.

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: