What is the difference between interrupting escalation event and error event?

As I understand escalation event is used to inform parent process. If escalation event is interrupting, it means that regular flow will be ignored and a new flow will be handled. But it is similar to error event. What is the difference?

Both events propagate in exactly the same way the difference is that an Error Catch Event must always be interrupting and so will always cancel the lower scope, but Escalation Catch Events can be non-interrupting. Also you can throw an Escalation event as an intermediate event - error events can only be thrown as end events.


Thanks for reply. Is it a misspell and you mean
error events CAN (not can’t) only be thrown as end events.

While they are technically similar, error and escalation have different intents. An error conveys the meaning that it handles an exceptional case when something is wrong, whereas escalation is used for regular/any cases where you want to propagate an event upwards.