What is the diffirence between Camunda Platform and Camunda Cloud modeler


So I use Camunda Modeler desktop. There when selecting what type of BPMN model I need to create. I can select Camunda Platform or Camunda Cloud. Now when we are working on Zeebe we naturally choose Camunda Cloud. But I noticed the property panel changes in selecting the Camunda cloud.

Is there somewhere listed what is the difference ?

Also we deployed the model which was done using the Camunda Platform in Zeebe and it worked as well. So that is something for backward compatibility or ? Sorry I am a bit confused :slight_smile:

Camunda Cloud and Camunda Platform BPMN support are overlapping sets, and Camunda Cloud is smaller. See here for BPMN coverage in Camunda Cloud.

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Thank you!

So if I follow the same supported sets of bpmn notation but create a Camunda platform model using the Camunda modeller and deploy it to Zeebe then it will still work?

Modeller has 2 types of bpmn diagrams, for camunda and for camunda cloud. Camunda diagrams have a little diffrent xml syntax, so cannot be deployed to zeebe. But With some changes it can be deployed.

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