What is the exact definition if Candidate Starter Users/Groups is unset

When defining a process, there are two fields to specify candidate starter users and/or groups who can start the process. It works properly. However, if none of them is set, what is the exact meaning in this case? There are two possibilities: firstly all users/groups can start the process; secondly, no users/groups can start the process.

The question is meaningful when using startableBy condition to query process definitions. In fact, according to the real result, the engine is designed to opt for the second meaning that if Candidate Starter Users/Groups is unset the query result with startableBy condition always omits these processes.

Could anyone give some accurate explains about the case please?

@Tonny_Tc, if you configure candidate starter users and/or groups, then only those from users/groups can start the process. If not set, anyone from the user directory(db/ldap) can start the process.


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Thanks a lot for your reply. However, in fact, if both of the field is unset, then the API of /process-definition?startableBy=user will never return the process.