When not to apply all SQL scripts

the division into multiple SQL scripts suggests that you not always need to use all of them, but I did not find an explicit description of when to use which SQL script. Mostly it seems obvious, but I don’t want to assume and then run into problems in production. Is it as obivous as it seems? I.e., do I only need the cmn tables if I use the CMN engine (same for DMN)? Do I only need the identity table if I use User Tasks? Is there a section about this in the manual?
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Hi Peter,

This is not a feature of Camunda BPM and we do not test the cases when not all scripts are applied. That’s also why there is no documentation. I’m not sure if this would work and in consequence I would not do this :slight_smile:


Hi Thorben,
thanks for the answer. It’s actually not so important for me to leave out tables, but since clients are playing around with it, I should know about the possibilities/risks.
Viele Gruesse,