When user delete Process Instance from cockpit, it should trigger a service task

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I have a below business scenario and I am just wondering whether it is achievable in Camunda.

I have a simple flow where we have multiple service task(MQ, Kafka & API) calls for external partner systems and flow receive the response and correlated.
However, sometimes receiving the response from partner systems taking long(4 days+), In this scenario business user wants to cancel the instance through cockpit but after the cancellation user expecting that request should run some other service where it should just drop task details to Kafka topic and end the process finally.

Could someone please help on this. Your suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hi @Ranjit_V

  • It is possible only if the service task (type: receive task) exists in another process.
  • Or through the custom implementation.

Hi @aravindhrs

Thank you for reply. Could you please elaborate for me on the above mentioned approaches.

Below are my quick questions in my mind,

How should I configure / call receive task from main task so that it executes when user cancels the task from cockpit? (like, sub-process for receive task or catch event or cancel event or any other way you think)

For custom Implementation, do we have any methods available ? I am using Java - Springboot Microservices for my application development.

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Hi @aravindhrs and other members,

Let me know your further thoughts over this business requirement.
Highly appreciate your expert advice. Thanks In advance.


Hmmmm… Interesting one.

What you describe is not cancelling the instance, but sending a signal to the instance.

Cancelling the instance means… cancelling the instance. What you are describing is either process modification, or interrupting boundary event.

This business requirement may need another interface to send a message or signal for an interrupting boundary event, or you might use process modification in Cockpit.

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