Where are Camunda 7 clusters hosted

Hi Everyone
A newbie question. I’m running a trial version of the Camunda 7 engine on my local machine. I log into the Modeler, define a model, create a cluster and then deploy and run my process instance. Does Camunda deploy my model to run on my local engine or as a SaaS instance?
If it runs by default on the SaaS instance can it be made to run on my local machine? The reason I want to do this is that my test model is trying to call REST APIs running on localhost.


For version 7, if you want to deploy and test your processes, please use the springboot starter project(start.camunda.com). Once you run the project, It starts an instance on your local computer on default port(8080)

It will deploy it to the REST endpoint you mention, that REST endpoint can be your local if you have camunda engine running in your local or it can be a remote endpoint where engine is running

Hi, thanks for your replies.
My cluster has been created in the cloud and that is where my models are deployed to.

I have an instance of camunda-bpm-run locally on 8080 but don’t see how to deploy my models to this local instance. Is there any documentation on this?

Hello @camuser ,

if you want to use camunda run, you will have to use Camunda Modeler as well.

The reason is that the Modeler in Saas produces models for Camunda 8.

Camunda Run is a distribution of Camunda 7, which has a different technology stack and therefore uses other attributes in a different namespace inside the bpmn xml.

The modeler can be downloaded here:

For more information about Camunda 7 and Camunda 8, please find this blogpost by Niall:

I hope this helps