Where does the required decisions come from?


I played around with the DRD and read about it in the docs. It’s straight ahead and easy to explain.

But after a while a question comes into my head: Where does the required decision come from?

My assumption is, that only the arrow between decisions in the DRD defines a “Requirement”. Could you confirm it?

I can’t find any description in the docs.

Cheers, Ingo

Hi Ingo,

yes, you’re right. In a DRD, the arrow indicate a requirement relationship between two decisions. In XML, it looks like this:

<decision id="beverages" name="Beverages">
    <requiredDecision href="#dish" />
  <!-- ... -->

Please have a look at the docs.

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How does it know which variable to map to? It seems kind of loose.

Hi @mikedubs,

what do you mean exactly?
What is your use case (i.e. example)?

In general, a decision can access all output values of required decisions. For example, decision A has two outputs “foo” and “bar”, then decision B can access “foo” and “bar” if it required decision A.

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I solved it. I was calling it from the CallDecisionTask task, so i had to break it up into separate decision tables. I thought i could call one decision graph from that task. I didn’t realize those were mainly called from their own form/front-end which took care of the mapping automatically.

I have created a DRD including two decision tables. I click the deploy button in the modeler to deploy the DRD and those two tables. However, I just find those two decision tables in the cockpit and decision requirments definition are not in cockpit. I think I don’t deploy the DRD correctly! can you tell me what’s wrong?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @cocoylq,

please share your DMN file so that I can have a look :slight_smile:

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