Where to deploy .war in Run Distro

I am trying to follow a mix of Camunda YouTube videos for Java developers and the video showing how to use the run Distribution.

Where do I drop my .war files to deploy?
when I drop them in Camunda-run\configuration\resources. it just sits there when I reboot Camunda. I don’t see the process in cockpit deployments.

thanks much, I’m stumped.

Hi @brpinard

Welcome and thanks for the question. WAR file deployment is only possible if you use a Camunda distro in which the Engine is deployed to a wildfly or tomcat application server.

If you’re using Camunda BPM Run it doesn’t support and isn’t intended to be used on conjunction with WAR deployment.

You can read more about it on this blog post where i discussed each of the possible architectures and the corresponding Camunda distribution to use.

Thanks Niall, this blog post was what I needed. I’m all sorted out now thanks!

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