Where to post bugs / questions

Hi folks,

I’m still a bit unsure on where to post certain stuff. For instance, I think I discovered bugs in some parts of the platform, but I cannot work with GitHub Issues since the apps (e.g. tasklist/operate) are non-public.
I would also like to ask some questions about features that seem difficult to use (or where I simply lack understanding after reading the docs). For instance, I have difficulties using the new feelers (form templates) that should work but don’t.

Kindly give me some guidance where I should direct my questions and bug reports. Thank you.

Hi @DatyEighty

Thanks a lot for reaching out.
We’re actually actively working on a way of clarifying how to get that kind of feedback to the right place.

At the moment if you want to describe a bug, feature request or UX issue with some of the tools that don’t have public github repos you can use this category on the forum.
We’ll then pass that on to the right person internally to get you a response.