Which maven profile to choose for engine/engine-spring


I checked out the platform with IDEA and noticed a lot of maven modules and profiles … seems I did it all wrong in the past.

What is the minimal profile I have to activate to contribute to the core engine/engine-spring/engine-rest stuff? I found “check-engine”, but I am not sure, somehow thats a funny name.
I definately do not want to have the whole distro/qa setup where I run against multiple servers and so on …

Edit: seems with check-engine, I do not have junit on the cp …

What do I choose?


Hallo @jangalinski,

IDEA will select default profiles for you, which you can then customize, I am leaving all default activated and adding tomcat, as I use tomcat to run local instance when I wanna check something out. I do not activate check-engine, as it will run all tests, which I usually don’t need. camunda-webapp-tomcat-standalone has dependency on spring components, so it should be enough if you activate tomcat profile. Apart form that if you just run clean package on spring module all tests will be executed too, so you can just do that.


Sorry, I just do not get it. The defaults didn’t work. Now “dmn” is missing, another time “junit” was not present. Could you post a screen or list of working setup? I want to do some minimal changes on engine and engine-spring.

Anyone? mvn clean install (default profile distro) works, but in IDEA, the dmn imports are missing …

The dmn engine resides in a separate repository but follows the same release cycle. That means, camunda-engine currently has a SNAPSHOT dependency to the dmn engine. I guess your local m2 repository contains an outdated version. If you can, please clone the camunda-engine-dmn repository and import it in your IDE.

We plan to decouple the versioning of the DMN engine, but not before 7.6.