Which task type should be used for user input?

Hi @muradisgandarli, welcome to the forums! For future topics, please include more details than just a screenshot :smiley:

I believe the answer you are looking for User Task. You can learn more about human task orchestration on these pages!

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@nathan.loding so sorry, somehow text disappeared when I attached photo.

Hello, I am working on registration flow based on camunda bpm
So, I have some questions about preferrable practices.
First question: getLoginTaskHandler and otpVerify are waiting for user input, which task type should be used in here? I am in the middle of service task and user task
Second question: Let’s assume that service task is chosen. We know service task is async, so I need to wait on otpVerify and after user enters otp then process will continue. I searched it there are multiple ways for dealing with sync way. One way is suspend process after sendOtpTaskHandler and activate it on otpVerify. But I can’t find api for set variables to process context when activate process instance.
I am new on camunda so would be glad if you write your approaches for this flow.

I think text is understandable , so I am looking for more preferable approach for flow on Camunda 7. I am grateful for your answers

Hi @muradisgandarli - first, apologies! I sent documentation links for Camunda 8, not Camunda 7! The same principles apply in C7 but the implementation is different. Here is the correct link for C7: User Task Forms | docs.camunda.org

You can use forms, as described in that link, or you can implement your own UI and send the data back to the engine when the task completes. I’m not a C7 expert, so I will need someone else to help with the rest!

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