Which type of event in Camunda to use?

Here is our requirement:

  1. A workflow should be executed each time the request is coming from a client application
  2. The same workflow should also be executed at a configured time everyday.

Can someone help to point us on how can this be achieved?

Vishal S

@visvik, you can configure Message start event & Timer start event for your case.

Deploy this bpmn file and verify: Multiple Start Event.bpmn (5.9 KB)

For the client request you need to correlate the message with message name like below:


    "businessKey": "23232323232",
    "messageName": "clientRequest",
    "resultEnabled": true

Awesome @aravindhrs - thanks for the response. For the Timer Start event, we want to pass the cron expression as a Process Variable. Any direction on how this can be achieved?

@visvik I don’t think it’s possible to use process variable for timer start event. Once the process is deployed the event will be created immediately. Another option is you can add execution listener to the timer event to set the cron expression.